The Princeton Tiger

Princeton Tiger
Courtesy of Princeton Tiger
The Princeton Tiger, the nation's third-oldest college humor magazine, first appeared in March 1882. Booth Tarkington, Class of 1893, a frequent contributor of jokes and pen-line drawings, recalled that it was easy to get students to join the Tiger board, but harder to get them to write, draw or edit — a continuing challenge for the next 125 years. Contributors who have gone on to fame include F. Scott Fitzgerald, Class of 1917, Lewis Thomas '33, John McPhee '53, Robert Caro '57, comic artist Jim Lee '86 and New Yorker cartoonists Whitney Darrow '31 and Henry Martin '48. The Tiger's demise has often been proclaimed, but in emulation of the phoenix, featured on the title page of its first issue, the Tiger springs back to life, and has now ventured into videos and the web.