Books About Princeton

Princetoniana does not rely solely on oral history; books and other publications (including transcribed oral histories) keep the traditions and institutional knowledge alive.

The digitized archives of The Daily Princetonian provide glimpses of the past as perceived when the events occurred. Reflecting on the past in the present day, the Princeton Alumni Weekly carries such columns as From Princeton's Vault by Barksdale Maynard '88, "From the Archives" and "Rally 'Round the Cannon" by Gregg Lange '70 (online).

Princeton has inspired a wealth of literature over the years that shows no signs of abating. A sampling (listed by year published) follows:


  • "Discovering Princeton: A Photographic Guide with Five Walking Tours" by Wiebke Martens and Jennifer Jang (2017)
  • "Princeton University and Neighboring Institutions: An Architectural Tour (The Campus Guide)" by Robert Spencer Barnett (2015)
  • "Princeton Impressions" by Robert R. Gambee '64 (2012)
  • "The Educational Legacy of Woodrow Wilson" edited by James Axtell (2012)
  • "Princeton: America's Campus" by W. Barksdale Maynard '88 (2012)
  • "Princeton and the Gothic Revival: 1870–1930" by Johanna G. Seasonwein (2012)
  • "Keeping Faith at Princeton: A Brief History of Religious Pluralism at Princeton and Other Universities" by Frederick Houk Borsch '57 (2012)
  • "Lessons Learned: Reflections of a University President" by William G. Bowen *58 (2010)
  • "Princeton Modern: Highlights of Campus Architecture from the 1960s to the Present" by Dale Cotton (2010)
  • "Inner Sanctum: Memory and Meaning in Princeton's Faculty Room at Nassau Hall" edited by Karl Kusserow (2010)


  • "Picturing Princeton 1783: The Nation's Capital" by Anne Gossen (2009)
  • "Princeton: A Picture Postcard History of Princeton and Princeton University" by William K. Evans (2009)
  • "Biblio: Scheide Library, Princeton University" (2008)
  • "Woodrow Wilson: Princeton to the Presidency" by W. Barksdale Maynard '88 (2008)
  • "Princeton Campus Plan: the Next Ten Years and Beyond" (2008)
  • "Princeton (Then & Now)" by Richard D. Smith (2007)
  • "Princeton: History and Architecture" by Marilyn Menago (2007)
  • "The Making of Princeton University: From Woodrow Wilson to the Present" by James Axtell (2006)
  • "The Old Guard" by William K. Selden '34 (2005)
  • "Century in Books: Princeton University Press 1905–2005" (2005)
  • "The Best of PAW: 100 Years of the Princeton Alumni Weekly" edited by J.I. Merritt '66 (2000)


  • "Prospect House" by William K. Selden '34 (1999)
  • "Going Back" by William K. Selden '34 (1999)
  • "Photography at Princeton: Celebrating Twenty-five Years of Collecting and Teaching the History of Photography" by Peter C. Bunnell (1998)
  • "Wit & Eloquence of Woodrow Wilson, Teacher" by William McCleery (1996)
  • "F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Princeton Years" by Chip Deffaa (1996)
  • "Nurseries of Letters and Republicanism: A Brief History of the American Whig-Cliosophic Society and its Predecessors, 1765–1941" by J. Jefferson Looney *83 (1996)
  • "Princeton University: The First 250 Years" by Don Oberdorfer '52 (1995)
  • "Nassau Hall" by William K. Selden '34 (1995)
  • "The Orange & Black in Black & White: A Century of Princeton through the Eyes of The Daily Princetonian" (1992)


  • "Princeton and the Republic, 1768–1822: The Search for a Christian Enlightenment in the Era of Samuel Stanhope Smith" by Mark A. Noll (1989)
  • "In the Nation's Service: Twenty-six Princetonians reflect on their university—then and now" (1988)
  • "A Place Called Princeton" by Samuel A. Schreiner Jr. '42 (1984)
  • "The Eye of the Tiger: The Founding and Development of the Department of Art and Archaeology, 1883–1923, Princeton University" by Marilyn Aronberg Lavin (1983)
  • "Living with Modern Sculpture: The John B. Putnam Jr. Memorial Collection" by Patrick J. Kelleher *47 (1982)
  • "Princeton Reflections: Contemplations in Color" by Bruce Campbell (1982)


  • "A Princeton Companion" by Alexander Leitch '24 (1978)
  • "The Princeton Graduate School: A History" by Willard Thorp *26, Minor Myers Jr. *72 and Jeremiah Stanton Finch (1978)
  • "Princetonians, 1748-1768: A Biographical Dictionary" by James McLachlan (1976)
  • "The Papers of Woodrow Wilson" edited by Arthur S. Link (1971)
  • "The Chapel of Princeton University" by Richard Stillwell '21 *24 (1971)


  • "The Long Kickline: A History of the Princeton Triangle Club" by Donald Marsden '64 (1968)
  • "The Battle of Princeton" by Samuel Stelle Smith (1967)


  • "Pictorial History of Princeton" edited by Wheaton J. Lane '25 (1947)
  • "Princeton 1746–1896" by Thomas Jefferson Wertenbaker '43 (1946)
  • "Carmina Princetoniana: The University Song Book" edited by Ernest Carter, Class of 1888 (1912)