Things Named After Princeton


Mount Princeton. Photo: Bob Wright '72
Mount Princeton. Photo: Bob Wright '72

Over the years, students, faculty and alumni have demonstrated their loyalty toward the University by bestowing Princeton's name on their discoveries and inventions. Examples come from the natural world, man-made creations, the heavens, fashion and more.

Some things named after Princeton include:

  • USS Princeton, commissioned in 1843
  • Mt. Princeton in Colorado, named in 1872
  • Nassauica Dusenii, a plant first found in Patagonia in 1897
  • Phrygilus Princetonianus, a type of finch discovered in Cheike, Patagonia, in 1898
  • Asteroid Princetonia, number 508, discovered in 1903
  • Princeton Glacier, in Alaska, named in 1909
  • Pteygotus Princetonii, a Devonian fossil fish discovered in 1933 on Beartooth Butte, Wyoming
  • The "Princeton," a style of haircut that came into fashion in the 1950s. The cut is very short around the sides and just long enough on top to allow a part.

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