Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni
Courtesy of the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni
Princeton's alumni use their education and talents to wield influence in a variety of areas, embodying the unofficial motto, "Princeton in the nation's service and the service of humanity." In 2008 the editors of the Princeton Alumni Weekly assembled a list of 250 Princeton alumni of influence, ranging from Richard Stockton, Class of 1748 and signer of the Declaration of Independence, to Michael Eric Dyson, a 1993 graduate alumnus, sociologist, author and radio host. The PAW list, spanning more than three centuries, offers a look into impressive lives of leadership that developed during and after Princeton.

In 2018, the PAW assembled a new list of 25 Princetonianas who are shaking up the world right now

The alumni list offered here draws on the PAW selection but is not limited to it — it is, in fact, a work in progress that will continue to grow as Princetonians of all ages make their mark in the world.